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Bellaboo's Fruits Basket Tv Review

Fruits Basket

Rated: 8

Takaya-sensei (the mangaka) has commented that she doesn't understand how the series ended up as a light-hearted comedy. This seems an odd thing to say seeing how that's what it IS. What else is Fruits Basket but a light-hearted comedy?

Ah, but then you read the manga and reach the later volumes, you understand. The story becomes... darker, as well as more melodramatic, frightening, and mysterious. I like to call it an Emotional Suspense because you're constantly learning unexpected things about the character's feelings and relationships.

Another thing the manga has going for it is that the past is more structured and explored. The anime is happy to drabble in the present and little but.

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Bellaboo's Fushigi Yuugi Tv Review

Fushigi Yuugi

Rated: 4

To help you keep track:

-- 18 volumes of manga (translated by Viz). There are two arcs: 1-12 covers the first quest, and 13-18 is... well, weird and unexpected.
-- 52 tv episodes covering the first 12 volumes of manga
-- 3 First-OAV series that are completely random
-- 6 Second-OAV series based on manga volumes 13-18
-- 4 Third-OAV series based on... not quite sure what. Miaka spends most of her time unconscious, but do not rejoice, for she is replaced by a Mary Sue FAR worse than Miaka ever was. And who somehow is pregnant with Miaka and Tamahome's child. I'd feel sorry for her but she sucks so much, so I don't feel like investing the sympathy.

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Bellaboo's Princess Tutu Tv Review

Princess Tutu

Rated: 9

One more issue I have with the series is that it doesn't have a high rewatchability value. I think twice is the most you can really get out of the series. Once, for the initial OOOMPH!, and twice, to pick up the extra details and to appreciate the construction of the story. That aside, there aren't really any hidden layers or issues. This isn't the Simpson's, which is designed to reward the viewer who watches an episode multiple times.

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